9 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools provide some of the most summer fun a person can experience, but they also bring a level of fear and concern to the minds of most people. Swimming pools are dangerous and that’s why you should go the extra mile to protect your little ones (and others) from those dangers. Find a few safety tips for the pool below and put them to use to keep everyone safe this summer.

1.    Buy and install pool enclosures brewster ny around the pool. Tons of stylish design options are out there and they’re fairly simple to install. Not only does an enclosure protect everyone, they deliver sound peace of mind.

2.    Inspect the drain covers in your swimming pool.  There are many potential dangers that could be lurking around.

3.    Add an alarm system to the pool to keep kids away from the water. The noise alone will scare them away!

4.    The diving board is a no-go for a home swimming pool. Get rid of the board if it is up.

5.    Never leave pool chemicals stored around the pool, as they could fall into the water or get into the wrong hands.

6.    Learn CPR and teach others the life-saving techniques as well.

7.    Purchase a first-aid kit for the home and keep it nearby the swimming pool area.

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8.    Inspect the swimming pool before each use to protect against slip hazards and other potential problems.

9.    Set pool safety rules, make sure everyone is aware of the rules, and make sure that the rules are enforced. It might seem like you’re being uptight to the kids, but it is for the protection of everyone.