Signs of Bad Window Installation

When it is time to install new windows at your home, don’t choose the first company that comes around. Improper window installation leaves your home susceptible to damage and your bank account a little shorter than it was the day before. Google home window installation near me and research the companies before you hire. Some of the signs that indicate bad window installation are below. You can certainly understand why it is so important to hire the best company once you read this information!

Windows Won’t Open/Close

If the windows won’t open or close properly, there is a problem. It could be due to improper measurements or improper installation. But what is for sure is that your windows should never cause a headache when opening or closing them.


If there are gaps between the frame and the sill, the window was improperly installed. Windows should always properly fit into the window opening. If you measure the window size beforehand, it is a contractor error.

Messy Job

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If you notice caulking built-up on the side of the exterior window, it can allow water to leak out. If you see this, then the window installer did a poor job and there is likely cause for concern.

Fog Between Panes

If you see condensation or dog buildup between the window panes, this is yet another indication that the windows were not installed correctly. It could be a small issue like a broken seal but more often than not it is the bigger issue that causes the trouble.

Water Damage

Air and water shouldn’t have a barrier to pass through the windows. If you feel drafts when you pass by the windows, there is an issue at hand. Drafts are usually the result of no insulation, which usually causes larger energy costs. Water damage can cause mold and mildew, wood rot, and a host of other problems.