Will Insurance Pay to Repair My Roof?

Homeowners insurance may cover the costs of storm damage that has damaged your roof. However, not every policy pays for every type of damage that you incur so it is important to read over your policy and talk with your agent in the event that you need to file a claim. If the insurance policy will cover the costs, you shouldn’t miss out on filing a claim because you can save a significant amount of money.

Homeowners Insurance & Roof Repair Costs

Your homeowners insurance policy usually covers the costs to repair damage caused to the structure of the home in the event that fire, wind, and hail damage cause trouble. The coverage may also cover costs for the repair when other types of damage occur.  Sometimes your coverage pays for costs to hire storm damage roof st louis county mo professionals to repair the roof on structures like the garage and shed if they’re damaged, but it is important to discuss this with your agent. .

Meet the Deductible Amount

All insurance policies have a deductible amount. This is an amount that you must spend before the insurance will kick in and pay for the cost of the repair. Your roof repair costs cannot exceed the amount of the policy that you have in place. If it does, you are responsible for paying this money out of your own pocket.

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It is Time to Insure Your Home

You need homeowners insurance to keep your home safely protected against many different types of potential damage that would otherwise leave you high and dry. If a storm threatens your roof, don’t take the matter lightly and call your insurance company at once to schedule a repair. Your coverage may very well come in handy when it is time to make your repair.